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  • LifeTeams are weekly meetings held in believer’s homes that include: fellowship, worship, Bible teaching, prayer, and outreach opportunities, all with the message of hope, healing, and victory that has characterized John G. Lake Ministries.  Acts 2:43, Acts 2:46.

  • LifeTeams provide a safe, relaxed spiritual environment for believers to grow in God and His Word while they are being equipped for the ministry. What better place to begin to work out callings and giftings in the Lord than in a small group setting, learning how to step out in spiritual gifting, learning inter- relational skills and how to minister to others. Ephesians 4:11-12.

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It's time to grow upstep up and speak up!

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Western Canada

Dawson and Donna 

Calgary, Alberta

Jason and Veena 

Calgary, Alberta

Allen and Marlene

Chilliwack/ Cultus Lake, BC


Vancouver/ Burnaby, BC

Romano and Sherese

Calgary, Alberta

Tyler and Beatrice

Breton, Alberta


Calgary, Alberta

Canadian Lifeteams

To get connected with a Lifeteam in your area, please fill out this form - or for more information please email us at and​ we will do our best to get you hooked into a group of like-minded believers.

Eastern Canada


Toronto, Ontario

Nathan and Salvina

Toronto, Ontario


London, Ontario


Montreal, QC

Kola and Joy

Oshawa, Ontario


Kingsville, Ontario

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