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Spiritual Warfare Apostolic Training

John G. Lake | Curry Blake | Christian Ministry | Casting out Devils | Healing

Before you start reading, please click here and let this song play in the background while you read through, feel free to blast it..

JGLM Canada kicked off the fall by teaching the first ever S.W.A.T training in Winkler, MB at God's Kingdom Church with Pastor Rueban! In the middle of a corn field (in the church, it was just built in a corn field) Pastor Marty spoke the truth that shook some people at their core. The Spiritual Warfare Apostolic Training is not something that a lot of places teach. Unfortunately a lot of the Christian body just want light and fluffy teaching that don't actually challenge them and make them grow. True Christianity is not for the faint of heart, it's for the Warriors!

This teaching gives you the qualities necessary as a warrior to win every battle. The reason most spiritual warfare teaching does not work is because the church is trying to send out raw untrained recruits to win wars. The Church does not teach Christians the true qualities that it takes to win. We mean to change that!

So many lives were changed during the whole conference. The amount of people who came up to us on the first day with testimonies and confirmation that everything that was being taught spoke directly to their hearts was amazing. One lady even said "It's like you are sitting in our house listening to mine and my husband's conversations" That's all God friends, He knows your heart and what you need to hear! Sometimes conferences go "off script" because God knows what his children need and I can feel them pulling in a different direction. During ministry time we gave an open mic and had 12 different people (adults and children) come up and give testimonies and how they were set free.

Here are just a few of the amazing testimonies.

There were many who got free from living in the soul and realized that is how they had been living and now felt free to live for Jesus Christ. A lady was freed from the lies of soul ties & a gentleman who realized he was living under siege and learned how to combat against it and live free! There was a lady who said she had been tired of her elbow pain and just told it to GO, and it did! She healed herself! There was another young lady named Becky who bravely got up and said she had found her purpose and wanted to make modest clothing for women on the streets & to show them that they are beautiful no matter what they wear. There were so many hearts that were touched, changed, and set on fire for the Lord!

Here are some photos from our amazing time in Winkler! We continue to get testimonies and hear what God is doing in this amazing little town.

Be Blessed,

JGLM Canada

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