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Below is a list of all our upcoming events, as well as a form to request a seminar or preaching in your church to have Marty come and teach!



I first encountered Pastor Marty at a conference where he was a speaker in Lethbridge some years ago. I was doubtful of him, as he had a tough bouncer type appearance, yet he taught with passion, love and concern for everyone.


On the final day of the conference, there was a prayer session for the sick. My wife and I did not need any prayer and we were about to leave when the Holy Spirit told me to “go and test him.” So we went back in and joined the end of the queue.


When we reached Pastor Marty, he asked, “What do you need?” and I replied, “We don’t need prayer, but the Lord has revealed something to us about our ministry and we are here to hear what God has to say to us through you regarding it.” That was the beginning of our history.


We have stayed in touch ever since and found a friend who can give us honest feedback on our thoughts, and who will also be honest with us when we are not looking for any, but need them.


I have come to know and believe that Pastor Marty is a man of God with a gentle and kind heart. He may seem tough on the outside, but he is full of compassion on the inside. His desire is to help everyone he ministers to, to experience the freedom he has found in Christ. He loves the Lord, loves the word, loves his wife, loves people. He lives the life he teaches others to live.



Evangelist Bradley Sliedrecht,

B.Div major in Evangelism,

B.CL Specialising in Advanced Biblical Studies,

Founder - Life & Hope Street Ministries


Marty and Brigitte and the R.A.I.S.E. Ministries team, love to travel and preach the Gospel. If you would like to have Marty preach or teach in your home town or city, please contact Brigitte today and let her know what teaching you are interested in. We would be happy to come and share the Good News of the Gospel.

Thanks for reaching out, we will be in touch shortly.

Ready to host a Seminar in your hometown?

Golden Dust
“You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

- John 8:32 MEV

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