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Healing is always God’s will. Sickness is a work of the devil, not a blessing from God. Christ had paid the price for our spirit, soul and body. In today’s Christianity, healing for the body is still heavily debated amongst Christians. Some say healing passed away, while others say God heals as He chooses, and still others say, He does not heal at all anymore. The Bible clearly shows us Jesus came to heal the sick, amongst many other things. Since this is a manual on healing, we are concentrating on that.


Salvation is for the soul and body too, not just our spirit. Many times, in Scripture, we see Jesus “healed them all.” The Father’s desire is for all to be healed and saved. Bodily healing is throughout the Bible, not just in the New Testament. Today, there is a tremendous amount of teaching about healing in the church, and there seems to be more sick people in the church, than ever before. In the early church, they did not have any of the numerous books and seminars we have today, but they witnessed incredible signs and wonders. Today, we have all the teaching, and yet little results compared to what they witnessed. If God’s will has not changed, and it has not. If God’s Word has not changed, and it has not, something is missing.

In this training manual/study guide, Marty looks at key components that are not commonly mentioned in healing teaching today such as:


- What is True Salvation?

- Pertinent Truths About Divine Health, Healing and Deliverance.

- Does God Permit Or Allow Suffering.

- Is Gradual Healing Biblical?

- Jesus Paid The Price For Our Healing.

- Myths About Healing.

- Various Ways Of Administering Healing.

- Christians Are Not To Display Satan’s Works.

- Baptism In The Holy Spirit.

- And much more!

PDF - Healing God's Way Manual

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