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Please Note: This is a PDF Download, NOT a hard copy!


I put this manual together in hopes that believers will realize they are in a war that has been around for millenniums. I desire to expose the enemy and the tactics he uses daily on the people of the world and the people of God.


Most believers in Christ are ignorant of the schemes, plans and methods of the devil. This is mainly because the preachers of the world have not done the job of teaching believers the whole counsel of God.


For the most part, they have picked things out of the Bible to preach that would only bring comfort to a sinner and not conviction thus converting them. Many preachers are afraid of the devil.


Therefore, they will not talk about the things of the enemy for fear of retribution by him. We aim to expose him, not fear him.


This spiritual warfare training will most likely be unlike anything you have read or been taught before. Our teaching is practical, easy to understand and apply. We aim to bring back the simplicity of the true Gospel and dispel the myths that have been devised by the devil and perpetuated by man.


SPW primarily deals with the attacks that come to the mind from many different sources. Psychological Operations break down your willpower to make you mentally weak and easy to change. Then, after creating a state of confusion, psychological techniques such as isolation, triggering, scarcity, information, control/lack of knowledge, division, repetition, and new language instill new belief systems to create new desired behaviors. The enemy deals in the area of the mind, soul, emotions and carnal man. Everything these days seems to be a psychological operation designed to form society in a certain direction. 


This teaching and manual is designed to free you and also those around you. I wrote this manual to be a training manual that will be used in conferences to train the attendees, but I also wanted it to be a study guide as well. You will see several questions throughout the manual and places for additional notes at the end of most sections. These areas of additional notes can be used for repentance, goals, dreams, words from the Lord and prayers.


We hope this teaching and all the teachings in our Kingdom Principle Teaching Series will shed light on darkness that may be in your life so you will be able to walk in this life freely without bondage, without sickness, without poverty and in total victory over the enemy!


Spiritual warfare is not an event, it is a lifestyle.
It is not something you do; it is how you live.
– Marty Nystrom

PDF - Spiritual Psychological Warfare Manual

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