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The church, for the most part, lives in fear but not a fear of the Lord. The fear of the Lord is a key to the holiness and power that is missing in the body of Christ today. In this book, Marty shows the contrast between Godly and ungodly fear. Godly fear will have you in reverence and awe of God in your everyday life. Ungodly fear will have you chasing the world system and hiding in the shadows. The fear of man, phobias, paranoia, and more, are controlling the lives of God’s people. Fear is normal and expected in the world, but it should not be normal in the church. Trigger points, offenses, and anxieties are so commonplace it seems if you do not suffer from these things, you are the weird one.


Ungodly fear is a killer of faith and a controller of people. We must learn to walk in a fear of the Lord!


In this book, we will look at areas such as:


- Godly Fear

- Ungodly fear

- The fear of man

- Ways to overcome fear

- Reasons to fear God

- Blessings in fearing God

PDF - Two Kinds of Fear

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