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Please note this is the phyisical book, if you would like the PDF please click here!


The importance of fellowship with God has been largely overlooked and undertaught by Christian leaders the world abroad. Many believers including leaders in the church, struggle in their walk with the Lord because they lack intimacy and fellowship with Him.


In this book Pastor Marty looks at key components of fellowship with the Father. Fellowship is much deeper than relationship. Fellowship with the Lord enables one to walk in peace and joy in the midst of a storm.


When is the last time you separated yourself from the distractions of life just to be with Him?


Are you allowing things to get in the way of a deeper fellowship with Him?


The well of life that is in you as a believer in Christ should flow out of you as easy as breathing.


Fellowship with the Lord is a vital part of

“Christ in you the hope of glory.”

Relationship vs Fellowship

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