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Spiritual Psychological Warfare focuses on the enemy’s methods and tactics against humanity. The enemy of our soul uses any means available to him to pervert the minds of people from knowing the Truth of the Word of God. The devil is the great deceiver of the world, and he is a master at it.


Most people believe the devil walks around with big horns, a tail, and a pitchfork, attacking people. This would be too obvious and easily spotted to be true or effective in people’s lives. If he could do that, it would save him a lot of time.


Instead, he must be cunning, deceitful, and subtle. The constant attack on the mind of believers is what Spiritual Psychological Warfare is. The devil is a spirit, and he mostly attacks psychologically to wage war on people. If he can get you mentally, he can get everything about you. You cannot be spiritually strong without being mentally strong.


This teaching exposes the methods of the devil in Spiritual Psychological Warfare and the way he uses Psychological Operations against you to break your will.


In this teaching we look at:


- Methods of PSYOPS

- True Discipleship

- What spiritual warfare is and what it is not

- Characteristics of people with great faith

- Principles of warfare

- Methods of the enemy and much more

Spiritual Psychological Warfare - Manual

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