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I have often heard throughout my walk with the Lord that God is not angry or that we do not serve an angry God. Well, that is simply not true. It is not a matter of if God is angry, but rather what or at whom He is angry.


God hates sin! He is angry at it and its effect in people and the world. God is even angry at the evildoer not just the evil they do. His wrath is being stored up against unrighteous people.


The sin is not what goes to hell, the sinner does.


In this book Pastor Marty looks at important truths of the Bible.


Who is under God’s anger?

Is all anger wrong?

When is anger justified?

Did Jesus get angry?

How do we escape God’s anger?


As you read this book focus on what Scripture says, not just what you may have learned. This truth will motivate you to reach the lost inside the church and outside the church.

Be blessed!

Two Kinds Of Anger

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